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Coding Conventions



Java Code Conventions (from Sun Microsystems)


Collections Framework




Java Collections Framework



Collections in Java


The Quintessential Collection


Array Example


ArrayList Example


LinkedList Example


TreeSet Example



Predicate (Filtering) Example











Data / Time / Calendar Functions



Date / Time Example


Calendar Example


Month View


Design Patterns




Introduction To Using Design Patterns



Java Design Patterns


Typesafe Enum Pattern


Input and Output (I/O)









Provides Convenience Methods for Converting HEX Values



Filenames and Pathnames Example



Determine If a Filename Path is a File or a Directory


Converting Between Filename Path and a URL


Getting an Absolute Filename Path from a Relative Filename Path


Determining If Two Filename Paths Refer to the Same File


Getting the Parents of a Filename Path



Files Example



Determining If a File or Directory Exists


Creating a File


Getting the Size of a File


Deleting a File


Creating a Temporary File


Renaming a File or Directory


Moving a File or Directory to Another Directory


Getting and Setting the Modification Time of a File or Directory


Forcing Updates to a File to the Disk



Directories Example



Getting the Current Working Directory


Creating a Directory


Deleting a Directory


List the Files or Subdirectories in a Directory


Listing the File System Roots


Traversing a Directory



Reading and Writing Example



Cat a file to STDIN


Reading Text from Standard Input


Read an int from the console


Read/Write Text Files


Reading a File into a Byte Array


Writing to a File


Appending to a File


Using a Random Access File



Custom Logging Example



Formatting Output with PrintWriter (Logger1.java)


Formatting Output with PrintWriter (Testing Logger.java)









The JavaCC FAQ


Description of the JavaCC Grammar File







A Javadoc Primer



Class Example



Javadoc Class Example





Package Example



Javadoc Package Example


















The JDBC Connection Classes



SQL Datatypes and Java Datatypes


Connection Example


Connection Options (i.e. SYSDBA)


Password Management/Password Aging Features In JDBC


JDBC Example


DDL Example


DatabaseMetaData Example


Tablespace Usage Query


Serialize Objects to Oracle


Fetch Size



JDBC Application (with Oracle JVM and complete Ant Example)



High Availability



Oracle Fast Connection Failover Example - (10g R2)



Large Objects - (LOBs)



CLOB Example


BLOB Example


BFILE File Example






















Calling PL/SQL Procedures from JDBC


Calling PL/SQL Functions from JDBC


Using PL/SQL Ref Cursors with JDBC



Write Text File to Table












JNDI Overview


JNDI - File Systems Demo 1





Netscape LDAP SDK




Setup / Configuration





LDAP Search Example


Read LDAP Entry given the DN


Searching and Comparing Example


Logging Facilities




Core Objects



Logging Priority Levels


Introduction to Java Logging Facilities


Logging Demo (1) - Java SDK 1.4 Logging API


Logging Demo (2) - Java SDK 1.4 Logging API



Logging Demo (2) - LoggingDemo2.xml



Logger Relationship Example




Parent Logger



Child Logger


Logger Application (Example)





Math Library Examples


Miscellaneous Java







Java Primitive Types



Java Options For Garbage Collection



Using javap


Converting Data Types


Auto increment/decrement operator


Play standard audio files (WAV or MID)


Java Statement Runner


Using the CLASSPATH or Other Packaged APIs


Using the JAR Utility


The Java Class Disassembler


Garbage Collection (verbose option)






Java Networking Programming Overview


Get Service By Name



Internet Protocol (IP) Address Example



Reverse Name Resolution Example



Client Sockets Example



Socket Test


Daytime Client - Read from Socket


Echo Client (One Line) - Read/Write on same Socket



Server Sockets Example



HTTP Server



Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Examples



Create URL Objects


Parsing a URL Object


Convert URI to URL


Convert URL to URI


Get Text From a URL


Get Image From a URL


Object-Oriented Techniques




Object-Oriented Techniques


Object Equality


Printing Objects using toString()


Overriding the hashCode() Method


Cloning Objects


The Class Class


Oracle / Java Technologies



JDBC Examples


De-support Information - (J2EE & Corba in the Oracle9i Database)


Deploying Java Servlets and JSPs using the Oracle HTTP Server - (Oracle 8i)


JServer / Thin Driver Connection Manager for Oracle


Serializing Java Objects to Oracle


Introduction to Java Stored Procedures - (JServer / Oracle 8i)


Oracle Servlet Engine - (OSE)


Chronology of Java Technologies in Oracle


Parameters Passing



Command line parameters


Parameter Passing - Explained


Parameter Passing (2) - Explained








System Properties


Property Files


Random Numbers




README.txt (Random Numbers)



java.lang.Math Class



Generate raw random numbers


Generate random numbers within a given range


Generate random numbers within a given range (Using mod)


Generate random characters



java.util.Random Class



Coming soon...






Introduction To Using Reflection



Understanding Class.forName()


Reflect Class Example


Reflection Demo


Regular Expressions






Regular Expression Demo (Apache)


Regular Expression Demo (Sun SDK 1.4)


Running OS




Running External OS Commands Overview


Running UNIX External OS Commands





Security Manager / Access Controller



Trace All Debugging Messages



Java Cryptography Extension



List All Available Cryptographic Services


Generate Public/Private Key Pairs


Generate Symmetric Keys


Encrypting/Decrypting String using Symmetric Key


rot13 Example



Java Secure Sockets Extension



Coming soon...



Java Authentication and Authorization Service



Coming soon...






Using serialver


Simple (Save / Load) Serialization Example










String tokenizer


StringBuffer versus String


Reverse string (by characters)


Reverse string (by words)


Accessing a string one character at a time


Controlling the case of a string


toString Example


Beep / Date Example


Swing / AWT




Events and Their Associated Listeners


Simple AWT Example


Exit Application On Frame Close


Confirm Exit Dialog


FlowLayout Manager


BorderLayout Manager


CardLayout Manager


pack() vs. setSize()


Change Pluggable Look and Feel







When Is a Thread Considered Active?



Starting, Stopping and Joining Threads


Thread Countdown (extending Thread)


Thread Countdown (implement Runnable)


Using the isAlive() method


Using the join() method


Using the join() method - (Another Example)


Thread Naming


The currentThread() method


Enumerating Threads in an Application


Parallelism Example





XML / Example Notes



Example XML and DTD File


Example XML and DTD File



Example CDATA File



DTD Overview



DTD Tutorial



Declaring Zero or One Occurrences of the Same Element



All about JAXP (by Enhydra Strategist)




DOM Example (Generic)


SAX Example (Generic)


Oracle XML Parser Example (DOM)


Xerces2 XML Parser Example (DOM)


Crimson XML Parser Example (DOM)


JAXP Example (Uses default parser - which is Crimson)



JAXP Example (Using Crimson Parser)



JAXP Example (Using Xerces Parser)



JAXP Example (Using Oracle Parser)


XML Tree Viewer (SAX)


ZIP / GZIP /Checksum













Creating a ZIP File


List the Contents of a ZIP File


Retrieving all Files from a Zip File


Compress File to GZIP Format


Uncompressing File in GZIP Format


Calculating the Checksum of a File / Adler-32


Calculating the Checksum of a File / CRC-32


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