J2EE / Web Programming

BEA WebLogic - (Release 8.1.2)

         Installing BEA WebLogic
         Starting / Stopping WebLogic Server
         Running BEA WebLogic Examples

Java and Web Technologies in Oracle

         JDBC Examples
         De-support Information - (J2EE & Corba in the Oracle9i Database)
         Deploying Java Servlets and JSPs using the Oracle HTTP Server - (Oracle 8i)
         JServer / Thin Driver Connection Manager for Oracle
         Serializing Java Objects to Oracle
         Introduction to Java Stored Procedures - (JServer / Oracle 8i)
         Oracle Servlet Engine - (OSE)
         Chronology of Java Technologies in Oracle

Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE (OC4J - 9.0.3)

         Using OC4J in JDeveloper9i
         Data Sources and OC4J
         Deploying WAR Files to OC4J
         Using Oracle's Advanced Queuing with JMS - (AQ-JMS)
         Configuring the Pet Store Web Application Demo for OC4J
         Administrative Commands
         Starting / Stopping OC4J
         Undeploying Applications
         Deploying Applications
         Installing OC4J
         OC4J Documentation / FAQs


         Installing Oracle9iAS Release 2 - (Linux)
         Installing Oracle9iAS Release 2 - (Windows)
         Installing Oracle9iAS Release 2 - (Solaris)

Sun's J2EE SDK - (Release 1.3)

         Installing J2EE SDK
         Starting / Stopping J2EE SDK
         Removing All Application Deployed in J2EE SDK
         Verifying J2EE SDK is Running
         Installing J2EE 1.3 Tutorial


         Understanding Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support
         Installing Apache (Release 2.0.43)
         Installing Apache (Release 1.3.27)


         Installing Tomcat (Release 4.1.12)
         Installing Tomcat (Release 3.3a)

Connecting Apache and Tomcat

         HTTP Connectors
         Web Server Connectors
         Connecting Apache 2.0.43 to Tomcat 4.1.12 (using JK Web Server Connector)
         Connecting Apache 1.3 to Tomcat 3.3a (using JServ Web Server Connector)

Deploying WEB Applications to Tomcat

         Overview of Tomcat Web Applications
         Deploying Web Application to Tomcat (Release 3.3a)
         Deploying Web Application to Tomcat (Release 4.1.12)

HTTP Protocol

         HTTP Requests
         HTTP Responses
         HTTP Response Codes
         HTTP General Headers
         HTTP Request Headers
         HTTP Response Headers
         HTTP Entity Headers
         CGI Environment Variables
         MIME Types

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